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Crisco's Kids envisions a world where every child, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive, fostering communities bound by support, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation.

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Our Mission Matters!


Crisco's Kids is dedicated to empowering children by providing access to essential resources, from educational tools to recreational opportunities. Through community-driven events and initiatives, we aim to enrich young lives, strengthen family bonds, and foster an environment where every child can focus on quality of life, growth, and happiness.

Make a Difference Today!

Join the Crisco's Kids family and become a part of a community dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families. Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time, share your expertise, or participate in our events, there’s a place for you here. Click above to explore the many ways you can contribute, connect, and create lasting impacts. Let’s work together to build a brighter, more joyful future for every child!

Your Support Changes Lives!

Every dollar you donate to Crisco's Kids goes toward providing essential resources, innovative programs, and joyful experiences to children and families in need. Help us ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive, learn, and play. Your generosity fuels our mission and makes our community stronger. Click above to make a secure, tax-deductible donation today. Together, we can create a world of endless possibilities for our children!

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